Make Your Own Electric Car

It’s really not as hard as you think to make your own electric car. We used to think just like you… that it was beyond our skill level to make your own electric car, but after actually converting our car to electric we found that it’s really a lot easier than we initially thought.

To start off with you’ll need a good set of plans. This step is crucial as plans can make or break your project. We know from previous experience that good plans are an absolute must.

The second thing you’ll need are all the parts to build your electric car with. This includes the motor, 10 – 12 deep cycle batteries, nuts and bolts, and somebody to help you. A good helper makes things go twice as fast. You can find the motor on eBay. Don’t worry too much about the specifications, it won’t really affect your speed that much anyways. I’m sure you’re thinking “Wow, 10 deep cycle batteries is going to cost me at least $1000″. That’s true if you buy them new, but over the years we’ve found many different ways to reduce the costs of our projects. The benefit to you is that you should be able to find all of your deep cycle batteries for free.

Free batteries to make your own electric car with? That’s right, we stumbled over this little trick about six years ago while I was working on a golf course for the summer, but let’s not spoil the surprise.

Now that you have the motor and batteries you can begin to make your own electric car. You’ll need to hoist the motor out of the car (not as hard as it sounds, it’s only connected by a few bolts). After that you can mount the electric motor in and hook it up to the drive shaft. Then you can go and mount the batteries on top of the motor. The batteries get hooked up to a potentiometer (simply a thing which controls how much electricity you send to the motor) so you can control how fast the car goes. There are a couple more steps, but they’re discussed on the website.

The best part about my electric car? The fact that I pay about $0 PER MONTH to drive it (we live on renewable energy). If you’re still hooked up to the grid even then it will only cost you about $20 per month to drive your electric car. Now that’s what I call fuel savings.

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